TUX hitting Ramsis Square


Yesterday around 10:15 PM I was hiding home from ramsis. While i'm walking some small streets in ramsis square I have seen a guy selling illegal CDs window$, Office, etc.... but my eye catched the TUX Logo so I was like on my god ! TUXs in ramsis ! I had to stop checking the CD. it says on the cover " Teach Your self Linux", from beginnging to the end be an expert , plus some programs " for more support , more programs contact me at scientest@gmail.com ,so i was like wow I gotta get this CD to see what is going on, may be really GNU/Linux become very common so people selling pirated stuff or even legal materials?. so I asked how much dose this CD cost ? he said 3.5 EGP , or you can have 3 CDs for 10 EGP. I gave him the money and left. next day " today I took a fast look with alienbrain on the content of the CD. some pirated books , some screen-shots for games converted to AVI movies. some WINDOW$ 2000 , XP Background, Some cartoon PICS for southpark, and for sure lots of pirated applications for Window$. so here is a screen shot of the Cover and the Tree output of the CD. please let us all thank scientest@gmail.com for his amazing FUN CD he made for us. and let us hope that soon we can find cheap CDs has legal books and GNU/Linux programs that are GPL and free for everybody hitting ramsis pirated sells men soon instade of this Shitty disgusting freaking CDs they have !

GNU/Linux In Ramsis: The GNU/Linux Educational CD i got from Ramsis Square.GNU/Linux In Ramsis: The GNU/Linux Educational CD.

Here is some of the CD tree output:-
|-- Arabic Stuff " with arabic letters looks like ???? "
| |-- Cartoon
| | |-- 003_SUGARANROS.jpg
| | |-- 011_fathom2_800.jpg
| | |-- 0160_2.jpg
| | |-- 0172.jpg
| | |-- 0180_2.jpg
| | |-- 1-Buggy.jpg
| | |-- 1.JPG
| | |-- 10-Gorillaz_Spraypaint_Pink.jpg
| | |-- 10.JPG
| | |-- etc...
| |-- New XP Wallpapers
| | |-- 1.bmp
| | |-- 2000_porsche_themeXP.jpg
| | |-- ACD Wallpaper.JPG
| | |-- etc...
| |-- Tonz of maps !!!
| |-- Alone in the Dark 4 The New Nightmare.avi
| |-- DIE HARD.avi
| |-- Drakan.avi
| |-- More screenshots converted to AVI short movies
|-- Game Tools For PlayStation 1&2
| |-- Bleem! 1.5b for Intel MMX
| | `-- bleem-v1_5B-MMX.EXE
| |-- Connectix Virtual Game Station 3.0
| | `-- Connectix Virtual Game Station 3.0.exe
| |--etc...
|-- Icq Familly
| |-- ICQ programs..
|-- Learning Linux Collection of 12 Ebooks
| |-- Learning Linux - Collection of 12 Ebooks
| | `-- Learning Linux - Collection of 12 Ebooks
| | `-- Learning Linux -Collection of 12 Ebooks-

hmm i don't know why it's hard to reach the books he is hidding them like he hids pirated materials ;-)?

this are list of the books most of them are pirated "even he were able to download from http://www.tldp.org" !!

Maximum RPM (RPM)
Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition
Linux Complete Command Reference
Slackware Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Linux Configuration and Installation
Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth Edition
Linux in Plain English
Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours
LINUX System Administrator's Survival Guide
The Linux Database
Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
Using Linux

and now here is a sample of the AVIs and the Pics.

94.JPG141.72 KB
DIE HARD.avi374 KB