The 12th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

To all systems administrators out there, happy 12th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, enjoy it with all your free/open source software tools and services :-)

Building your own DVB box

At last I managed to build up my mythTV box using Azureware AD-SP200 "Twinhan 1027" for some reason this card driver still not in V4L yet, and I hope it will be included soon, so you will need to patch you kernel , compile and at last configure mythTV backend, frontend and ubuntu

Asterisk patch for archlinux

Well that is not my 1st asterisk / zaptel patch I do, but it is the 1st to commit into digium bug tracking system and I hope they will approve it. Mainly the patches are small and very easy, this one will add the support for Archlinux init script for start /stop / restart asterisk, since Archlinux uses /etc/rc.d "FreeBSD" style, it was a little bit odd. anyway here is the patch for anyone uses asterisk under Archlinux which i don't think anybody but me do.